Pompeii at the Grand Palais

Pompeii at the Grand Palais

In 79 A.D., Pompeii was a wealthy and thriving coastal city where life was good. Then disaster struck, suddenly and unexpectedly, as the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius buried the entire area under volcanic ash and pumice. Now, in 2020 A.D., the Grand Palais presents a unique digital exhibition allowing you to immerse yourself in Pompeii’s tragic story. Don’t miss it during your stay at the Hotel Monte-Cristo.


The Grand Palais presents an immersive Pompeii exhibition

If you’re expecting a dry display of damaged statues and pottery shards, Pompeii at the Grand Palais will surprise you. This exhibition immerses you in the life and death of the ancient Roman city. You are taken on a journey going back two millennia during which archaeology and technology combine via 360° projections, 3D reconstructions and surround sound to capture the appearance and atmosphere of Pompeii, its streets and dwellings, and its shocking end. Breathtaking and fascinating.


Pompeii exhibition; practical info

From your Hotel Monte Cristo it will only take you about 20 minutes by Metro to reach the Right Bank and the Grand Palais. Or you might prefer to take the bus and enjoy looking at the districts that you’ll cross from the Latin Quarter to the Champs-Élysées via the quays of the Seine. The Pompeii exhibition opens on March 25th and will run until June 8th, 2020. You can already book your admission online on the Grand Palais website. We strongly recommend that you do so because a record attendance is expected.

Experience an amazing journey into classical antiquity with the immersive Pompeii exhibition taking place this spring under the great glass roof of the Grand Palais. An original and moving way to rediscover the history of this time-lost city and get up to speed with the latest archaeological discoveries.




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