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3D virtual tour at Hotel Monte Cristo

Categories : IN - at the hotel, published on : 11/15/18

The charms of a trip lie in the surprise, the discovery, the sense of adventure and the change of scenery. True to the personality of Alexandre Dumas, these are the values ​​that the Hotel Monte Cristo wishes to uphold. However, we acknowledge that it’s also very pleasant and reassuring to know exactly what your accommodation will be like. That's why your Hotel Monte Cristo offers a 3D virtual tour on its website.


Visite virtuelle 3D


Why a 3D virtual tour?

With 3D technology, you can explore your hotel in advance from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can soak up the atmosphere of the place and get a preview of its environment. You’ll see the old found objects, the fabrics designed exclusively for the hotel and the beautiful frescoes created by Christoff Debusschere ... It’s a convenient and practical way to understand the arrangement of the spaces and the disposition of the rooms. Far from being simply a novelty, this virtual tour will help you organise and plan your visit.


Visite virtuelle 3D


Follow your whims!

Like Alexandre Dumas and his heroes, Edmond Dantès in particular, you simply follow your desires and inspirations! The virtual tour is not a video or an imposed suite of 3D images. You enter the door and explore our hotel, discovering all the spaces as you wish. Navigation is easy, intuitive and fun. Just don’t be surprised if you meet some guests in the pool, enjoying an evening’s leisure or taking a bath!

The Hotel Monte Cristo offers a sincere invitation to a change of scenery and a place of contemplation. Before your arrival, thanks to our virtual visit in 3D, you can get a taste of the particular atmosphere that we wanted to create, situated at the crossroads of orientalism, 19th century refinement and contemporary design.



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