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We are close to the Musée du Luxembourg

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The Hotel Monte Cristo Paris enjoys an exceptional location in a very lively and stimulating district of the capital. We are situated in a neighbourhood of vibrant streets and university buildings that has a very distinctive ambiance, but also close to many attractions such as the Musée du Luxembourg.


The charm of the Musée du Luxembourg

Enjoy a pleasant twenty-minute walk along the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève to visit the Musée du Luxembourg, one of the city’s finest museums. It was the first public painting gallery in Paris when first opened in the mid-18th century and is now housed in the former orangery of the Luxembourg Palace. The museum presents major temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. Its ambitious programme and the proximity of the Jardin du Luxembourg, a public green space adored by Parisians, make the Musée du Luxembourg an aesthetic adventure not to be missed!


Spring exhibition; The Nabis and the Decor

This spring, the Musée du Luxembourg offers a magnificent platform for a somewhat forgotten artistic movement of the late 19th century; the Nabis. The artists who comprised this group are regarded as pioneers of contemporary décor, creating innovative, joyous and colourful works in a reaction to the historical pastiche aesthetics in vogue at the time. In doing so, they broke down the border between decorative art and applied arts, paving the way for beauty in everyday life that is open and accessible to all. More than 300 pieces, including prints, drawings and paintings, are presented for your delectation!

The Musée du Luxembourg brings you the greatest works of modern and contemporary art. The Nabis and the Décor, running from March 13th to June 30th, will certainly serve to further enhance the museum’s enviable reputation. Enjoy this cultural event during your stay at the Hotel Monte Cristo.



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