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Monte Cristo


A Parisian Story

Alexandre DUMAS is, along with Victor Hugo, one of the most important French writers of the 19th century.

A writer, playwright, politician, adventurer, seducer, cook, and traveller, he embraced every experience and yearned to try it all!

The COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO is considered one of the greatest works of literature and the book is the inspiration for this elegant establishment. The Monte Cristo Hotel is an updated representation of what might have been the master's home had he been working today.

Unique and original decor

The Hotel recreates the universe of man whose work was an invitation to travel and explore. Rooms are inspired by the Orient and rich purple tones, marbled patterns, and premium materials are complemented by antique objects and exotic plants.

Everything has been specially designed and made to measure with the intention of evoking a timeless space that blends originality with luxury. The hotel excels in unique decoration, from limited edition fabrics to customised lighting and furniture. Paintings and mirrors were designed by artist Christoff Debusschere to enhance rooms and public spaces.

Mirroring the escape of Edmond Dantes, we like to escape to the Monte Cristo Hotel for a luxurious and enjoyable break in an exotic setting.

All the riches of a new and unexpected world come together in one warm and authentic place.

Its recent renovation also allows the hotel to guarantee top-of-the-range services, while a refined atmosphere makes for a unique and memorable stay.


A Timeless Experience...

The Monte Cristo Hotel makes it a point of honour to offer its visitors idyllic days and nights in a luxurious and intoxicating universe.

A full range of services meet the most demanding requests.

Its RHUM salon and bar pays tribute to the author's Caribbean origins and invites you to discover fine bottles from various regions, including vintages that are exclusively made for the hotel, by the best producers.

You will experience a complete change of scenery. Surrounded by historical pieces and found objects relating to Dumas, you'll revel in an oasis of elegance, curiosity and conviviality that is highlighted by premium materials and shimmering colours.

Dive into the hotel's15-metre-long swimming pool against a backdrop of Oriental decor,  lush vegetation and exotic plants.

A Journey to the place of your dreams

Rooms are a continuation of your dream journey; elegant cocoons that are reminiscent of a ship's cabin, they're filled with objects and elements that recall bygone voyages to the Cradle of Humanity.

The hotel has 50 rooms, including 3 suites and 4 boudoir rooms that are directly inspired by the boudoirs featured in the writer's work. Each offers the high-quality services that are standard for large rooms within the luxury hotel industry - including a coffret of exclusive fragrances specially made for the hotel.

Bathrooms have been skilfully designed and precious materials such as earthenware and terrazzo tiles maintain the hotel's elegant and refined spirit.

The Monte Cristo Hotel welcomes you to its own unique and unparallelled universe.

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The perfect
historical location

Located in a quiet street in the 5th district of Paris, the Monte Cristo Hotel sits on the border of the Latin Quarter.

Rue Mouffetard, one of the oldest streets in Paris, is just a few metres from the hotel. Typically Parisian with a quiet and picturesque atmosphere, its cobblestone pavements will lead you to unusual shops and traditional restaurants.

Discover famous monuments and must-see museums like the Pantheon and the Cluny Museum.  Be sure to stop at the Luxembourg Garden, a park that is famous for inspiring writers and painters like Renoir, Matisse andVan Gogh.

The Jardin des Plantes with its impressive Natural History Museum is to the east of the hotel. It's a delightful place to walk and simply soak up the atmosphere. Explore its flowery paths during summer or its grand wooded galleries in the winter months.

The hotel is ideally situated for exploring the capital.

  • Closest metro stations: Censier - Daubenton or Les Gobelins on line 7
  • Closest bus stop: Monge - Claude Bernard on line 27
  • Nearest RER: Port Royal on Line B

How to get here

Hotel Montecristo - Situation

Montparnasse train station

Take line 6 (towards Nation) to Place d'Italie then take line 7 (towards La Courneuve) to Censier - Daubenton

Hotel Montecristo - Situation

Austerlitz train station

Take line 10 (towards Boulogne) to Jussieu then take line 7 (towards Villejuif or Mairie d'Ivry) to Censier - Daubenton

Hotel Montecristo - Situation

Orly Airport

Take the Orly Bus or OrlyVal to Denfert Rochereau then take line 6 (towards Nation) to Place d'Italie then line 7 (towards La Courneuve) to Censier – Daubenton

Hotel Montecristo - Situation

CDG Airport

Take the RER B to Châtelet-les Halles then take line 7 (towards Villejuif or Mairie d'Ivry) to Censier - Daubenton

Discover the 5th arrondissement of Paris

The Pantheon

The Pantheon is at the top of the Sainte-Geneviève hill. Once a church dedicated to the patron saint of Paris, today it's a necropolis for the Republic's most renowned people.

Our author, Alexandre Dumas has lain here since 2002. Just the view of Paris from the colonnade of the Dome makes it well worth a visit.

Jardin des Plantes

The Garden du Roi was once the Royal Garden of medicinal plants. Today, the Jardin des Plantes is a wonderful green space that is open to the public. Visitors enjoy access to beautiful flower beds and plane tree edged avenues where they can stop, sit on a bench and enjoy peace and calm.

A magnificent winter garden contains dozens of exotic plants including banana and palm trees that allow us to continue our journey through the world of the Count of Monte.

The Paris Catacombs

The Paris Catacombs is a unique and amazing place. Even lower than the metro or the sewers, this gigantic ossuary is a winding labyrinth filled with over 6 million bones from various Parisian cemeteries.

The ambient temperature never exceeds 15 degrees and the frescos and sculptures made of skulls and bones will make you shiver. It's a doorway to another world, right here under our feet

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Hôtel Monte Cristo

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