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The Bar 1802; an invitation to take a voyage

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Under the benevolent eye of Alexandre Dumas, the brilliant writer and larger-than-life personality, your Hotel Monte Cristo immerses you in unique surroundings where the design mixes the ambiance of the Far East and various antiques with high tech comfort. With this in mind, the Bar 1802 opened its doors a few months ago, and now offers an escape, a step back into the fascinating past...


The story of the Bar 1802

Bar 1802

Beyond the Napoleonic epic, 1802 was a key year for French literature as it witnessed the birth of two literary giants of the 19th century; Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas. The Bar 1802 pays tribute to this century of heroes and tragedies, of romance and openness to the world. Between Chinese vases, Azulejo ceramic tiles and exotic plants, you’ll discover an amazing map of rum from around the world. A motionless journey to embark upon from 6:00 pm to 1:00 in the morning...


Discoveries and tastings

Bar 1802

Amber, generous, smooth, aromatic, golden or a touch woody; rum, like wine, is designed to be tasted, savoured and relished by the eyes, nose and taste buds. Guided by our expert head barperson, you are invited to choose from amongst our high-quality rums. Or you may prefer our classic or original cocktails, prepared using only the finest ingredients. To accompany the tasting, our teams provide charcuterie and cheese selections carefully sourced from small producers, as well as surprise dishes that vary in accordance with the desires and discoveries of our head barperson. Enjoy moments of pleasure and relaxation, cocooned from the city and its frenzy.

Bar 1802

Treat yourself to a journey during your journey by entering the haven that is the Bar 1802. You’ll be transported in space and time along with your family or friends to a realm of pleasure and relaxation, carried along by the aromas of exceptional rums!



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