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Hotel Monte Cristo Paris

Travel the world with the cocktails of the Bar 1802

Categories : IN - at the hotel, published on : 6/5/19

Our Hotel Monte Cristo celebrates the great Alexandre Dumas in the most beautiful way. We do so by evoking the best known of his works, The Count of Monte Cristo, but also by commemorating the year of his birth in the name of our bar; the 1802. Dumas was much more than a writer, he was also a traveller, an adventurer, a food enthusiast ... and you can discover all this in our cocktails!


Enjoy a cocktail in the Bar 1802

Our Bar 1802 transports you to a timeless world. Azulejo tiles, dark woodwork, tropical plants and deep armchairs help to create a peaceful and inspiring ambiance in which you can forget everyday life and simply relax. Your eyes will rest on our impressive collection of rum bottles, more than 500 different kinds, and objects brought from the four corners of the world ... before studying our cocktail menu. Are you ready to choose?


Classics reinvented

Much of the magic of a cocktail is due to its composition, but it can also be found in the creative skills of the bartender, who mixes it as you watch. At the Bar 1802, we offer you timeless cocktails that are suggestive of so many movies, books and good memories. We select the best ingredients and prepare them with exacting care. Let yourself be tempted by a Daïquiri in the purest tradition or in its 1802 version, based on mango or coconut, and frosted for even more pleasure. Dare the Monte Cristo version of a Zombie, with our own rum liqueur and spices, or our Mai Tai with apple orgeat ... Or you might prefer our delicious alcohol-free cocktails, which are equally surprising and exhilarating.

Mixology is a science that could not be more serious. The bartender of the Bar 1802 of our Hotel Monte Cristo puts all his know-how and creativity into preparing great classic cocktails for your pleasure.


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