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Hotel Monte Cristo Paris

On the rum route in the heart of Paris

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With its 1,000 different types of rum and its orientalist decor, the Bar 1802 has become the essential gathering place for lovers of this nectar. Take advantage of your stay at the Hotel Monte Cristo by discovering the new menu of its bar, a menu inspired by the path travelled by sugar cane and rum throughout the world...


Conquering the world

Originally from New Guinea and what is now Vietnam, sugar cane took hundreds of years to make its way around the world. Said to have been introduced to the Mediterranean region by Alexander the Great, it established itself throughout Asia and Africa before reaching the Antilles and Central and South America, writing entire chapters in the history of these parts of the world. Along the way, the techniques and terroirs of rum production followed a parallel path, thereby adding an incredible richness and diversity to this distillate of sugarcane molasses or sugarcane juice. It is precisely this journey and this richness that the new Bar 1802 menu illustrates.


Original and aesthetically pleasing

Because tasting a cocktail should be a pleasure for all the senses, the Bar 1802 pays as much attention to its decor and atmosphere as it does to the visual appeal and taste of its drinks. From Vietnam to Nicaragua, via Réunion, South Africa and Hispaniola, discover surprising and subtle blends that are evocative of these faraway places. Of course, our team of mixologists will be happy to advise you on your choice of cocktail and explain the whole story to you.


While passing through Paris, succumb to the enchantment of the new menu of the Bar 1802. It takes you a journey of a thousand flavours to discover rum without leaving the haven of the Hotel Monte Cristo in the heart of the Latin Quarter.  


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