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An immersion in contemporary art during a White Night

Categories : OUT - in Paris, published on : 9/10/21

Your Hotel Monte Cristo delights in inviting you on unexpected journeys that awaken the senses and stimulate both the imagination and intellect. The Nuit Blanche (White Night) offers one such journey. This event, which this year takes place on the night of October 2nd to 3rd, is a unique way to immerse yourself in the world of contemporary creation.


The White Night: Paris and art

For one night, Paris becomes the backdrop for artistic installations and performances of all kinds that reinvent the urban space and are available for the enjoyment of enthusiasts and neophytes alike. On the basis of a call for projects, artists are invited to suggest their reading of a theme and to insert it into a specific space. This year, under the direction of Sandrina Martins and Mourad Merzouki, they will express themselves on the theme of the dialogue between art and sport through disciplines such as sculpture, video, dance and more. Completely free, the event takes place both indoors and outdoors.


Organise your White Night

Of course, your Hotel Monte Cristo team will be on hand to provide you with information about the event and advice on how to reach the performance venues. You can follow the pre-established trails, one of which follows the GR75 route, or just wander at whim from surprise to surprise. Setting out from our hotel, you can easily walk to the Grand Mosque of Paris to attend the visual and sound installation of Ariane Michel by the water; or to the Museum of Decorative Arts, whose artists participate in the experience of Éléonore Geissler's visual theatre; or even surrender yourself to an unprecedented encounter with electronic music at the Collège des Bernardins.

The Nuit Blanche offers a unique perspective on Paris and contemporary creation. Whether you’re passionate about art or simply curious, a stroll through the city that night will have an incomparable flavour. Book your stay today!



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