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The magic of Christmas in the Department Stores of Paris

Categories : OUT - in Paris, published on : 12/13/21

If there is a tradition that Parisians would not miss for the world at Christmas time, it is that of festively illuminated and decorated shop windows. The Parisian Grands Magasins (department stores) compete in imagination and creativity to produce animated scenes and absolutely magical Christmas decorations.


The great Christmas classics

With their beautiful Art Deco architecture, the Grands Magasins lend themselves particularly well to the tradition of festively illuminated and decorated windows and offer magnificent spaces for grandiose Christmas decorations. This year, the Galeries Lafayette will fire up the imaginations of countless children with their showcasing of 1,2,3, Noël!, a charming tale told through several tableaux. The toys wake up and head to Santa's land for a hair-raising adventure. Meanwhile, along the boulevard at Printemps Haussmann, disaster has struck: Santa’s workshop has been devastated by a snowstorm. But don’t worry, because everyone pitches in to help and ensure that the children receive their gifts on time!


Elsewhere this Christmas ...

Other Grands Magasins have chosen to interpret the holiday theme differently. Take a trip to Bon Marché, for example, where gingerbread men of all sizes and their barley sugars await you. In addition to decorating all the spaces of the department store, they fill the store’s display windows with their animated antics. La Samaritaine, however, has chosen a poetic and slightly offbeat theme by evoking the classic Parisian Garden. Clean and aesthetic, their windows stand out clearly. Finally, the BHV Marais invites you to Switzerland, with a wooden chalet, chocolate and cheese tasting and adorable marmots ...


Treat yourself to a traditional Parisian stroll and discover the festively decorated display windows of the Grands Magasins during your stay at the Hotel Monte Cristo. Whether you head out to do some Christmas shopping or just go for the sole pleasure of discovering these magical scenes, it’s a must!



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