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A key end-of-summer event; the Biennale at the Grand Palais

Categories : OUT - in Paris, published on : 8/15/19

The Grand Palais has become synonymous with contemporary art. Thus, from September 13th to 17th it will be the venue for the 31st edition of the Biennale Paris, a universal art fair dedicated to ‘6,000 years of art’. This key event offers not only the opportunity to discover the artists and creators at the forefront of current trends, but also to take the pulse of the art market.


Art and beauty at the Grand Palais

If you are accustomed to intimate galleries and small private exhibitions, you will undoubtedly be surprised by the sheer scale of the Biennale du Grand Palais. Indeed, there will be no fewer than 60 galleries presenting a carefully curated selection of their works, as well as antique dealers and jewellers displaying their wares. To add the finishing touch, the beauty of the Grand Palais and its magnificent glass roof gives the whole event an impression of space and grandeur.


Bahrain in the spotlight

For each of its editions, the Biennale invites a different country to be the guest of honour. In 2019, the Kingdom of Bahrain will have its own pavilion in which to present its current artists and cultural heritage. A hundred works will be exhibited along with the most beautiful representations of Bahraini artisanship. The Biennale breaks down boundaries to show that the west does not have a monopoly on contemporary artistic production. It’s an opportunity to discover a host of talented creators.

The Biennale appeals to professionals and passionate art enthusiasts but also to casual visitors who are simply curious about the art scene. Enjoy this huge fair dedicated to art in all its forms and immerse yourself in creativity. Don’t miss it!


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