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Hotel Monte Cristo Paris

Essential attractions close to your Hotel Monte Cristo

Categories : OUT - in Paris, published on : 2/15/19

Ideally located in the heart of Paris, the Hotel Monte Cristo offers the perfect opportunity to discover the capital’s wonderful attractions, some of which you might overlook. Here is our top 3 of the nearby places to visit...


The Pantheon

With its architecture resembling that of the Pantheon in Rome, its huge dome and majestic location overlooking the district, the Pantheon surprises and fascinates. Since the French Revolution, this magnificent secular mausoleum has been the final resting place of great French citizens. Here you can visit the tombs of geniuses such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Zola, Jaurès, Jean Moulin, Pierre and Marie Curie and the more recently interred Simone Veil and her husband. An impressive and moving place.


The Jardin des Plantes

Another symbolic Parisian location, the Jardin des Plantes is the main botanical garden in France. Take a scenic stroll amidst the horticultural displays of decorative plants, including a superb rose garden, and wander through the greenhouses bursting with plants from faraway lands. Whilst in the vicinity you’ll also want to visit the Museum of Natural History and its famous and recently renovated Gallery of Evolution.


The Catacombs

Dive into the bowels of Paris and travel some 1.5 km through one of the most amazing and quirky places in the City of Light! Since the end of the 18th century these old mines have served as an extensive subterranean ossuary. The remains of millions of Parisians evacuated from the overflowing cemeteries of over two centuries ago are held there. A place of urban legends and chills, the Catacombs are also an exciting slice of Paris history.

A few steps from your Hotel Monte Cristo are places where the past becomes almost tangible and the shades of historical heroes, dedicated scientists and the ordinary people of Paris whisper their secrets. Don’t miss them.



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