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The menu of the moment at the Grand Dictionnaire

Categories : IN - at the hotel, published on : 9/5/20

The restaurant of your Hotel Monte Cristo, the Grand Dictionnaire, is also a tribute to Alexandre Dumas, our tutelary figure. An invitation to sharing, to discovery, to a gastronomic adventure, the restaurant’s menu changes in accordance with the seasons, the produce of our partner artisans and the inspiration of our chef. Read on to find out about the current one...


The Grand Dictionnaire; a concept and principles

You’ll not find a traditional menu with its starters, main courses, and desserts in the restaurant of your Hotel Monte Cristo. What the Grand Dictionnaire offers is individual portions or dishes to share in the order and number you want. These offerings are comprised of fresh and seasonal produce sourced via the shortest possible supply chains and scrupulously selected by our chef and his team. Why not allow yourself to be guided by their creativity and your desires of the moment?


A journey and an adventure

Whether you prefer traditional gastronomy or fusion cuisine, you’re sure to find something to delight your taste buds! Why not start with an aubergine caviar with Mediterranean flavours, for example, followed by a ‘Montallet’ sausage? Its truffle seasoning alone evokes all the scents and tastes of autumn. Do you have a craving for seafood? You’ll have a difficult choice to make between the cod fillet in ginger butter and large prawns flambéed with rum 1802 - a selection from our rum bar of the same name. Finally, you’ll surely be unable to resist a gorgeous dessert made with seasonal fruits or, if you’re feeling particularly indulgent, how about a chocolate tart and crème caramel?

A simple menu from which, in keeping with your desires and appetite, you can choose dishes combining traditional and exotic touches, made with only the highest quality produce; these are the alluring assets of your restaurant Le Grand Dictionnaire of the Hotel Monte Cristo!



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