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The new Bar 1802 cocktail menu has arrived! Essential Menu

Categories : IN - at the hotel, published on : 2/5/22

The Bar 1802 of the Hotel Monte Cristo is now widely recognised as the go-to place for rum lovers. Dedicated enthusiasts as well as neophytes gather there to savour the delights of what is generally acknowledged as the leading rum bar in France. Our team of passionate bartenders have finally completed six months of work on a new and irresistible cocktail menu... Come and discover, taste and enjoy!


Essential menu: terroirs and flavours

With more than 1,000 rum references available, the rum sommeliers of the Bar 1802 had plenty of material to work with in creating a wide and diverse range of tasty cocktails. They decided to build this selection around a common thread, the link between terroir and flavour. Indeed, each type of rum takes its individuality not only from its production methods but also from the land that gave it birth. And that is what guided their creativity when they conceived this ‘Essential Menu’.


When every sip is a journey...

Coming back to simple things, our team of bartenders focused on mono-product compositions. These are associated with a rum typical of a terroir and bearing a significant taste of the place. Thus were born ten cocktails that will take you around the world. Discover the alliance of coffee and rum from Cuba. Go for the sweetness of banana and rum from Jamaica, or honey and rum from Puerto Rico. Opt for the richness of cocoa and rum from Trinidad or the freshness of citrus fruits and rum from Martinique… You will discover how the flavours mingle, combine and sublimate. Treat your taste buds to a deliciously indulgent experience!

During your stay at the Hotel Monte Cristo, why not treat yourself to a timeless moment at the Bar 1802? Travel to encounter the flavours of the islands, discover the diversity of aromas of rums from all over the world combined in delicious cocktails...



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