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Try our Love Adventure offer for a romantic break

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No matter what the cynics say, Paris is and always has been the capital of love and romance! True to its spirit of discovery and travel, your Hotel Monte Cristo invites you to try a new experience; our Love Adventure ...


A Love Adventure in the Monte Cristo spirit

In our hotel we try to share with you the passion of Alexandre Dumas and the way he lived his life and created timeless literature. Indeed, the great writer was himself a larger than life character, devouring to the fullest all the pleasures of life, gastronomy, travel, drink and, of course, passionate love. In this same spirit, we invite you to take a trip of a thousand pleasures, with elements of adventure, discovery and sharing. Book your Love Adventure with our teams or on our website as soon as possible...


All about our Love Adventure offer

In concocting this exceptional offer, we put together all the ingredients that make what we think is the perfect romantic break. Firstly, of course, there is the comfortable and intimate room. Then there is the buffet breakfast for two, for which we provide an assortment of fresh, healthy and delicious foodstuffs that are the perfect way to start the day. To all this we add the ultimate romantic Parisian touch; Taittinger champagne in your room as well as delicacies. Finally, we will be delighted to have you discover our cocktail of the day in our bar 1802, where rum is honoured along with the glamour and elegance of the past.

Your Hotel Monte Cristo invites you to take a romantic and passionate break with its Love Adventure offer. A wealth of exquisite little details that will add the finishing touches to the adventure that is your love story.



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