New Era at Bar 1802

New Era at Bar 1802

We are delighted to welcome a new team full of passion and innovation. This transition marks not only the continuation of our excellence in mixology but also our 'Origins' menu, a bar menu that invites our customers on a gustatory journey around the world, following the history and path of sugar cane.

A Fresh Breath for Bar 1802

The new team at Bar 1802 brings with it a renewed passion for rum and mixology, promising to broaden our guests' horizons with bold and innovative cocktails. Inspired by the journey of sugarcane across continents, our team is determined to enrich the rum tasting experience in Paris. Building on the solid foundations, the new guard intends to introduce new flavors, techniques, and stories that will captivate both rum enthusiasts and newcomers.

"Origins" Menu: A Tribute to Rum

The idea behind the "Origins" menu is to trace the historical and cultural journey of sugarcane, from its Asian roots to its global impact, through Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and finally Europe. Each chapter of the menu is dedicated to a continent or region, offering an exploration of terroirs, distillation methods, and unique culinary traditions. This journey is punctuated by revisited classic cocktails, aged in barrels for an exclusive touch. More than just a cocktail menu, the "Origins" menu presents itself as a unique experience to live, blending rum tasting, innovative cocktails, and culinary accompaniments.

Bar 1802 continues to stand out as a must-visit destination for rum lovers in Paris. The commitment to excellence, discovery, and passion for rum remains unchanged, inviting our guests to join us in this new taste adventure. Discover or rediscover tastings, food and rum pairings, tasting platters at Bar 1802, and let yourself be transported by a unique experience.


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