A visit to the Maison Deyrolle

A visit to the Maison Deyrolle

As you will notice during your stay, the decor of your Hotel Monte Cristo is an homage to the aesthetics of the 19th century but also to the passion for the sciences, and particularly the natural sciences, that characterised the era. The Maison Deyrolle maintains that spirit of curiosity and discovery. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this unusual place.


The Maison Deyrolle; nature, art and education


It’s difficult to describe in a few sentences the Maison Deyrolle, located a few Metro stops from your Hotel Monte Cristo, as it’s totally unique. Centred around the natural world, it specialises in taxidermy and entomology and is sort of a combination of shop, museum and cabinet of curiosities. Established in 1831 by the passionate entomologist Jean-Baptiste Deyrolle and his son Achille, the Maison Deyrolle became a valuable resource for scientists, artists and collectors. It also produces educational displays for schools. Young and old alike continue to be enchanted by this amazing Parisian institution.


A fascinating place to visit


A gigantic stuffed bear welcomes you, accompanied by magnificent specimens of gazelle, zebra and other mammals, alongside display cases of butterflies and beetles. This cabinet of curiosities also catches the eye with its surprising mixture of exhibits and items for sale. Even if you take issue with the idea of taxidermy you might still want to visit when you know that Deyrolle is a recognised partner of COP 21 and UNESCO due to its role in environmental education and its awareness of ecosystems. What’s more, the links between nature and art can be seen everywhere within.

The Maison Deyrolle corresponds perfectly to the spirit of everything encyclopaedic and passionate about Alexandre Dumas that we love to cultivate at the Hotel Monte Cristo. Visit it during your stay in Paris and enter a magical world!



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