The Rum Society Christmas Market

The Rum Society Christmas Market

The Bar 1802 of your Hotel Monte Cristo is where you’ll find a true passion for rum. With its 600 references, it is quite simply the largest rum bar in France. Naturally enough, the Rum Society was born there and now offers various meetings and tastings. And in the run-up to Christmas, the Rum Society organises its own Christmas Market, lasting for two days. Make a note of the date!


The world of rum, just for you

The Rum Society invites you to its Christmas market, which takes place from 10:30 to 20:30 on December 18th and 19th. Book a time slot online and you will be welcomed to partake in an exceptional tasting of 14 cuvées from the greatest French wine merchants and bottlers, including Maison Ferroni, Vulcao, the Frères de la Côte, Milhade and the Famille Ricci. Come along and discover exceptional rums and exclusives to mark the festive celebrations. You’ll also receive a discount for your Christmas shopping at the Bar 1802 boutique.


An exclusive experience

The Rum Society Christmas Market is, of course, the perfect place to find beautiful, original and personalised gift ideas. It’s also a golden opportunity to explore the world of rum and its artisans. This time of sharing and tasting gives you the chance to find out about the manufacturing secrets of rum producers, the subtleties of the fragrances and flavours, and the specificities of each cuvée. You will also meet specialists representing French bottlers and wine merchants. Passionate about their profession, these restless globetrotters are always in search of something new and wonderful and will happily take you on a journey around the fascinating world of rum.

Your Hotel Monte Cristo is in itself an invitation to travel. Prepare for your end-of-year celebrations by participating in the Rum Society Christmas Market of the Bar 1802, in the heart of our hotel. Original bottles and special cuvées will make perfect gift ideas for enthusiasts and neophytes alike!



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