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Hotel Monte Cristo - Expérience

A timeless experience

The Hotel recreates the universe of mankind and the creations that invite us to travel and contemplate, inspired by the Orient and imbued with rich purple hues, marbled patterns and premium materials complemented by exotic plants and antique objects.

A unique and luxurious decor

Everything has been specially designed and made to evoke a timeless space blending originality with luxury. The hotel is a treasure trove of exquisite decoration, from limited edition fabrics to customised lighting and furniture. The paintings and mirrors were created by the artist Christoff Debusschere to enhance the spaces.

Mirroring the adventures of Edmond Dantes, you will love to escape to the Hotel Monte Cristo to enjoy a luxurious interlude, immersed in an exotic setting.

All the riches of a new and unexpected world come together in one warm and authentic place ... You will enjoy a change of pace in the midst of historical artefacts and objects from the Far East, trophies of Dumas, shimmering colours and fine materials, all combining to create an elegant yet welcoming cabinet of curiosities.

The RHUM Bar, an homage to the Caribbean origins of the author, invites you to discover bottles from all regions, including vintages and even a beverage created exclusively for the hotel by a top producer.

The Painter Christoff DEBUSSCHERE

Born in 1962, Christoff DEBUSSCHERE began painting at a very young age.

In 1978 he trained with Philippe Lejeune at the Ecole d'Étampes to nurture his talent.

Over time he enriched and modified his painting technique in line with the Flemish painters.

He likes to capture atmospheres with vivacity and energy, places that tell stories, the secrets of interior scenes ... each painting evokes a particular ambiance and quality of light.

He has received numerous awards, including the silver and gold medals at the Salon des Artistes Français, and was named the Official Painter of the Navy.

Hotel Monte Cristo - Expérience
Hotel Monte Cristo - Expérience
Hotel Monte Cristo - Expérience

A place apart, a bubble of luxury and daring. A decor that takes you out of the world in rooms that tell of how Paris will never dream the same way again.

Ariel Wizman - L’OFFICIAL magazine
Hotel Monte Cristo - Expérience
Hotel Monte Cristo - Expérience
Hotel Monte Cristo - Expérience